IT Solutions

We provide transformative IT solutions

In our connected, digitized age, enterprises need to use a set of new and converging IT technologies named SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud) by Cognizant and Nexus of Forces by Gartner, in order to remain competitive in the coming years!

This new wave of change is so disruptive that businesses need to reshape their own organization and modify their value proposition.

For example, industrial companies are becoming customer service companies. Consumer products companies are becoming Internet companies.

The transformation of the new era shall be based on core solutions such as standardization & automation, virtualization & cloudization as well as securization. In addition on business application transformations through open source development, socialization and embedding Artificial Intelligence almost everywhere !

IT Solutions

Our mission is to assist your business face the challenge and carry this internal change forward. We are doing this by partnering with our clients as a critical IT Solutions provider and bringing onboard our valued added technology partners (Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, OVH, Symantec, Safenet, Sophos, UpCOM).

Our approach is rooted in our values. It is founded on traditional management and engineering best practices, IT expertise in certain areas, practical innovations and continuous improvement of our service delivery.

We shall work closely with you in order to understand your business needs and challenges, then use our accredited solution architects to design a new architecture and a transformation path to address those requirements.

We offer the following types of IT Solutions:


We help your business design standardized IT infrastructure that will reinforce your future development and growth. Standardization together with automation, which is facilitated by a standardized environment, are the two key components of a modern infrastructure convergence strategy.

A standardized platform with automated processes is critical to reduce time and complexity in delivering IT services to your employees and partners, simplify troubleshooting but also enable fast delivery of new or modified IT service.

IT Solutions for IT process automation

IT Solutions based on Cloud technology


Your employees nowadays possess powerful mobile devices and expect to be able to use them both for work and pleasure. This means you must offer them 24×7 secure access to your business applications from wherever they are. This requires huge and unnecessary capital investments to build a secure data center in-house.

Virtualization technology can reduce this cost through server consolidation. As a first step we assist your business to virtualize applications & IT services in-the-house. As a second step we help your business move them to the cloud (private, public or hybrid). Public cloud services can reduce the full cost of owning a data center. Last but not least, we reduce the full operating cost with our Managed Cloud services offering.


The traditional working environment has gone. Users expect to access both personal & corporate data wherever they are, on whichever device they choose.

This has dramatically increased the risk for corporate data loss and the reliance on IT departments to provide high quality services.

in order to assist your business securize itself, we work together, understanding your threats and priorities, assessing your risk exposure and aversion.

With our technology knowhow and our ISO certification partner, we provide consulting on improving internal processes and security policies so that you may obtain an ISO 27001.

IT Solutions for security



  • Responsibility share – It is profitable to outsource the task to us, as we undertake part of the responsibility for its satisfactory execution.
  • Specific Skills – Usually new technologies require additional skills, but there is insufficient time to train permanent staff
  • Knowledge Handover – It is most cost-effective to engage our specialists for a new technology assignment. Your busy permanent IT staff adopt new technologies faster when not under additional pressure.
  • Shorter time to deliver – You save time (and therefore money) to search, interview and select professionals just for one project.
  • Manage resources – Usually transformation initiatives arise with urgency. Moreover they should have a clear deadline to be effective. We can help you to better manage your internal resources
  • Less risk from overstress – In case of new projects or unplanned changes, your permanent IT staff can continue doing their demanding regular work, thus minimizing overstress risks.

Why us

  • Technical Expertise. We understand both business & technology requirements. We have the experience and expertise in IT design that is deep and broad. Our IT engineers are able to deploy technology rapidly, through leveraging reference architectures, capitalizing on past experience.
  • Elasticity of a small team. We respond faster than large IT companies because we have built in our company the organization, methods and processes of small teams.
  • Reliability of an enterprise. We are more reliable than a freelancer because we have the redundancy and know-how of an enterprise.
  • Execution approach. We apply a collaborative approach aligned with our business values that involves all stakeholders at every stage of the project.