We confront the shortage

of IT professionals with the skills to operate modern IT infrastructures

We keep the cost

under tight control with our infrastructure management services

We increase the security

of your IT infrastructure with our IT Solutions

Managed IT Services and ITSM

We undertake complete IT responsibility running your IT Infrastructure

Managed Cloud

We provide IaaS, PaaS and SaaS from world leading suppliers coupled with Omnis managed services

IT Solutions

We analyze requirements, design and deliver the most cost-effective IT solutions on a range of IT areas

Technical Support

We provide a range of traditional IT services
Why Us ?

Value for Money

Our Infrastructure Management Services incorporate great value for money

High Quality IT Engineers

Our engineers are business aware IT professionals your will find only in large companies

Reliability of an Enterprise

We are more reliable than a freelancer because we have the redundancy and know-how of an enterprise

Elasticity of a Small Team

We respond faster than large companies because we possess the elasticity of small teams
Huge benefits from Omnis Infrastructure Management services

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Telephone : +30 210 3838834
email : sales@omnis.gr

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